About LISA

Laboratório de Imagem e Som em AntropologiaThe Laboratory of Image and Sound in Anthropology, linked to the Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences of the University of São Paulo, was opened in October 1991. Since then, it has served as a basic research and training center for students in the fields of Visual Anthropology and Ethnomusicology, thus allowing teachers, students and researchers to produce and use images and sounds. One of the Laboratory's proposals is also to promote meetings of professors and researchers who work in different areas of Anthropology.

LISA houses a collection of around 1800 videos, 12,000 images (including photos, stickers and glass plates), 180 hours of sound recordings (cassette tapes, discs, CDS, digital files), as well as reference documents, such as books, theses and catalogs.

Since 2003, LISA has allowed access to the files of its database (including photos and movies, currently under maintenance) via the internet. The documents are consulted exclusively on the website and the videos are only available for classes by professors from the Department of Anthropology.

For a more detailed description of LISA's activities, access this link.

Check here the videos of the conferences and lectures organized by LISA.

To find out how LISA can support or carry out audiovisual productions by FFLCH researchers and students, visit our "Procedures for audiovisual production".