Ponteio: they thrown the viola in the world, but I went deep inside to get it.

Francisco Simões Paes and Camilo Vannuchi
Year of publication

Who does not know the difference between viola and guitar will be amazed with Ponteio: they threw the viola in the world, but deep down I went to seek it. In a humorously and dynamic way, the documentary traces an outlook of the most representative musical instrument of Brazil, brought from Portugal in the mid-sixteenth century and quickly assimilated by man of the field on that country. 500 years later, the sound of viola of ten strings remains sprouting of calloused fingers of the "sertanejos" while that spreads by large urban centers, reinvented by modern musicians and scholars. A trip through the interior of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, the different models of guitar, its importance to the rescue of brazilian popular culture, their tunings, religiosity, recipes of pacts with the Devil, the myths that circulate the violist and a sample of the new musical possibilities of the instrument are present in this video. To see and hear.

Direction, research and script: Francisco Simões Paes and Camilo Vannuchi.
Images: Francisco Simões Paes.
Design: Aline Gurgel.
Woodcut: Fernando Vilela.
Report: Camilo Vannuchi.
Photos: Camilo Vannuchi.
Thematic Project: "Image in focus in the social sciences".
Realization: LISA, Support: FAPESP