Course: A journey through Iranian cinema

This course is a journey through 19th century Iranian cinema, with the arrival of the cinematographer in Iran, until today, going through different cinematographic movements and contextualizing them with the history of the country and its different governments.

From historical, religious, ideological and aesthetic aspects, an overview of cinematography in the country is outlined.

Teacher: Profª Drª Kelen Pessuto - PhD in Social Anthropology from USP, Master from Unicamp, graduated in Cinema from FAAP and actress from Teatro-Escola Célia Helena.

Objective: The objective of the course is for you to know the entire history of Iranian cinema. A story that is closely related to the country's political issues. It is impossible to know one without knowing the other. This course will give you tools and answers to work with Iranian cinema in academia, whether teaching or in your research.

5 modules: Cinema in the Qajar Dynasty, Pre-Revolutionary Cinema, Post-Revolutionary Cinema, Gender in Iranian Cinema, Underground Cinema

23 video lessons + module presentations + bibliography + filmography + movie tips + podcast + activities

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Price: R $ 300.00 in up to 3 installments

Class schedule:

Cinema in the Qajar Dynasty

The Image in Islam

Cinema in the Qajar Dynasty

Princesses of Persia

Once upon a time, Cinema


Pre-Revolutionary Cinema

Cinema in the Pahlevi Era

The 1940s and Hollywood

Nationalism in the 1950s

The 1950s and Film Farsi

The Motefavet Cinema

The 1960s and Film Jaheli

Kanun and Abbas Kiarostami

The 1970s


Post-Revolutionary Cinema

The Islamic Revolution

Cultural changes

The Islamization of cinema

Iranian commercial cinema

Iranian art cinema

The child in Iranian cinema


Genre in Iranian Cinema

The representation of women

Tahmineh Milani and Feminism in Iranian cinema

LGBT + in Iranian Cinema


The Underground Cinema

Underground Cinema and the Green Wave

Forbidden music