Mini Course - Senses of Cinema Tikmũ'ũn_Maxakali

Thursday, 25 March 2021, 19:00
25-03-2021 - 01-04-2021

Free course, part of the Tikmũ’ũn / Maxakali * Cinema Exhibition, taught by researchers Ana Estrela da Costa and Paula Berbert.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If most of the so-called Western film experiences are concentrated in the act of capturing and recording images, in the audiovisual production of the filmmakers of the Tikmũ'ũn / Maxakali people, these experiences are constituted as relational gestures, in marked continuity with the aesthetic regimes of looking and listening. conformed to the shamanic practices carried out with the yãmĩyxop, enchanted beings-singers, peoples-spirit. As these experiences shared between filmmakers, “characters”, shamans and yãmĩyxop become cinematographic products, other types of relationship still emerge beyond the villages, since these films are devices for meeting other indigenous peoples and also with non-indigenous people. By expanding the cosmopolitical territories where the Tikmũ ́ũn / Maxakali circulate, as well as their possibilities of agency, their cinema is revealed as a powerful inter-world translation tool.
The purpose of this course is to reflect on the specifics of the tikmũ ́ũn / maxakali way of making cinema. For this, at each session we will highlight key elements that seem to give a sense of together to the intense audiovisual production of these people: the relationships between cinema, ritual, body, territory and memory.

TARGET AUDIENCE: from 18 years old. Maximum of 40 students.

Class 1 - Cine Maxakali: Cine-Caça-Ritual - 25/03, Thursday, 19h - 21h

Experiences of encounters between worlds. Cinema celebrates invisible presences, shares images between bodies that dance and listen, look, hide, seek, avoid, meet.

Class 2 - Making Territory - Memory. - 30/03, Tuesday, 19h - 21h

The beginnings and ends of the world are stories that are not forgotten. Memory is in the land and in the corners, and it is shared with us through the cinema

Class 3 - Making Body - Ũn Ka´Ok - 01/04, Thursday, 19h - 21h

The initiation, growth and exchange rituals show the impossibility of fixed corporealities that experience a static reality. Cinema composes and shows bodies that are constantly produced through relational experiences with yãmĩyxop.

It is the female desire that motivates the arrival of the yãmĩyxop to sing, dance and eat in the villages. The gaze and listening of women are the intense affections that keep alliances between worlds alive and dynamic.