Film "Canto de Família" receives special mention at festival

The ethnographic film “Canto de Família”, by Paula Bessa Braz, doctoral student at PPGAS, and Mihai Andrei Leaha, post-doctoral student, had its premiere at the In-Edit Brasil festival of Musical Documentary.

The film was made with the Graduate Program in Social Anthropology at USP and with the support of LISA, based on research conducted by Paula during her master's degree on the “affective music” that inhabits the home and the daily life of the Cruz Family at outskirts of Fortaleza. The film received a special mention from the jury, highlighting the sensitive and direct way in which it addresses family life and its unique relationship with music, which is revealed in subtleties, gestures, words and sounds. "Canto de Família" will be available online and free of charge until 30/06 on the In-Edit platform, and from then on it will be shown for three months on the SPCine platform.