Con la casa al hombro

Camilo Pérez and Andrés García Sanchez
Year of publication

​​​​​​​Many young people of African descent arrive in the city of Medellín fleeing the terror of armed groups or in search of new opportunities in life. They bring their memories of exile and pain, but they also bring hopes, dreams and knowledge. This documentary talks about the experiences of five young people in the city.​​​​​​​


Directed by: Camilo Pérez  and Andrés García

Production: Corporacion Pasolini en Medellin, Vicerectory of Extension Universidad de Antioquia, Instituto de Estudios Regionales Universidad de Antioquia and Concha Carter Producciones

Photography: Camilo Pérez

Editing:  Camilo Pérez and Fabian Ospina

Music: Luiz Eduardo Loaiza, David Molano Estrada, Macana Estudio, Son Batá (Afro Hip Hop Comlombia)

Year: 2010

Duration: 51'10"


language: Spanish