Ana Estrela and Natalino Maxakali
Year of publication

The Popxop, Macacos-Yãmĩyxop (Po'op-Yãmĩyxop), are singing allies of the Tikmũ´ũn / Maxakali people, now residents of the Mucuri Valley, in Minas Gerais. Periodically, they come to the villages to spend a long period, which can last for a few months, to manage the homesickness of their mothers and fathers, male and female shamans Tikmũ'ũn / Maxakali. They sing the stories, secrets, paths and views of the Atlantic Forest, imitating and narrating songs from other groups of Yãmĩyxop, singing-enchanted beings who also accompany and protect the Tikmũ´ũn / Maxakali. Bringing knowledge and experiences of joy, they ensure the health of the community and celebrate shamanic encounters that cross territory and time.

Script: Ana Estrela, Pajés Manoel Damásio Maxakali, Pajé Arnalda Maxakali, Pajé Pequi Maxakali
Camera: Ana Estrela, Anísia Maxakali, Arnalda Maxakali, Jacinto Maxakali, Maciel Maxakali, Miguelzinho Maxakali, Natalino Maxakali, Vanessa Maxakali
Editing: Ana Estrela, Anísia Maxakali, Miguelzinho Maxakali, Natalino Maxakali
Subtitles: Ana Estrela, Marilton Maxakali, Miguelzinho Maxakali, Natalino Maxakali
Translation and subtitles for the songs: Ana Estrela, Antônio Marcos Maxakali, Arnalda Maxakali, Israel Maxakali, Manoel Damásio Maxakali, Marilton Maxakali, Marquinhos Maxakali, Miguelzinho Maxakali, Natalino Maxakali
Narration and testimonies: Adriana Maxakali, Bilza Maxakali, Edna Maxakali, Manoel Damásio Maxakali, Natan Maxakali. Directed by: PẼNÃHÃ - Maxakali do Pradinho Film Collective and Maxakali Nova Vila Village