Family Song

Paula Bessa Braz and Mihai Andrei Leaha
Year of publication

A family decides to open a classical music school in their own house. The young six Cruz brothers start to teach various musical instruments to the children in their neighborhood. Little by little the house becomes a musical meeting place in one of Fortaleza’s most dangerous neighborhoods. But in order to live their dream of becoming professional musicians the family need to look for new horizons. How far will music take them?

Genre: Cocumentário musical
Direction: Paula Bessa Braz e Mihai Andrei Leaha
Images: Mihai Andrei Leaha
Sound: Paula Bessa Braz
Editing: Paula Bessa Braz e Mihai Andrei Leaha
Post production image: Mihai Andrei Leaha
Post production sound: Ewelter Rocha e Jean Nands
Visual identity: Mateus Torquato 
Cast: Família Cruz

2nd place in the Ethnographic Film - Full-Length Film category at the 2022 Pierre Verger Awards, organized by ABA (Brazil, 2022) and special mention at the In-Edit Brasil Musical Documentary festival.