It was a woman's body

Ewelter Rocha
Year of publication

The essay “It was a woman's body”, by Ewelter Rocha, consists of an audiovisual ethnographic writing experience, having been conceived under the auspices of this presumption. In this perspective, we developed a narrative in which sounds, images, texts and speeches intertwine in the construction of a montage that favors intermingling in the same support the evocation of an ethnographic experience and the artistic production that represents its main protagonists. In this case, focusing on the wooden sculptures and clay pieces that depict the butts of Juazeiro do Norte - CE. The essay is based on a twelve-year research that we developed in the hinterland of Cariri Ceará, a region located in the south of Ceará. This essay is part of GIS n.1 - Gesture, image and sound. Anthropology Journal of the University of São Paulo, published in June 2016: .

research and direction
Ewelter Rocha

Helton Vilar

David Aguiar, Antônio José (Pajé),
Ewelter Rocha and Helton Vilar

original track
Ewelter Rocha

electroacoustic track
Germán Gras and Ewelter Rocha

audio post-production
Jean Nands

sound design
Helton Vilar and Ewelter Rocha

string authorship and declamation
Ewelter Rocha