Edson Matarezio
Year of publication

Mapana is the name of an association of women from the Ticuna people. Located in Belém do Solimões (8 thousand people), it is the largest community of this indigenous group, the largest one in Brazil. This association provides products from its crops for school meals in all schools in Tabatinga (AM). With its results, size and volume of production, it is a unique experience that serves as an example for other indigenous and community associations.

Direction, photography, research: Edson Matarezio
Editing: Ricardo Dionísio and Edson Matarezio
Music: Djuena Tikuna (song Ngetchautumau) and Ondino Casimiro
Production: Laboratório de Imagem e Som em Antropologia (LISA-USP)
Support: FAPESP, Thematic Project “O Musicar Local - New trails for ethnomusicology”, 16 / 05318-7 and project “From the girls' point of view”, 2015 / 11526-9.

Acknowledgments: To all FUNAI CR Alto Solimões employees, especially Mislene Mendes, Hermísia Pedrosa and Leopoldo Dias. To Br. Paulo Braghini and all the Capuchin friars of Belém do Solimões. To Ticuna singers Djuena Tikuna and Ondino Casimiro. Adelina Fidélia Ramos and all the women and men who are part of the Mapana Association.