The word and the wall

Lucas Fretin
Year of publication

This documentary, about graffiti writing in the city of São Paulo, seeks to unveil something usually seen as mere dirt and vandalism. Behind the scribble that covers the city there is a vast network of social relations involving young people from the different urban peripheries. Graffiti writing, beyond being a complex mechanism for communication, is also a way for the young poor to express revolt and indignation at their lack of prospects.

Sous-titre en français

Research, Screenplay, Photography, Editing, Direction: Lucas Fretin
Images from São Paulo: Andrea Barbosa
Camera assistance: Marcelo Pitombo
Achievement: LISA - USP
Support: FAPESP

- Honorable Mention at the 6th Festival of the Documentary and Ethnographic Film Forum doc. BH, December 2002, Belo Horizonte, MG
- Video-cinema category award at Projeto Nascente 2002 USP