The Rest is Everyday Life

Andréa Barbosa
Year of publication

This video shows the experience of living in São Paulo, tracing a path from the stereotypical, distant and impersonal view of the big city, to the personal and affectionate city in each one of us

Direction, script and research: Andréa Barbosa
Production: Andrea Barbosa
Editing: Andréa Barbosa, Edgar Teodoro da Cunha and Gianni Puzzo
Sound editing: Edgar Teodoro da Cunha and Francisco Simões Paes
Images: Andréa Barbosa, Edgar Teodoro da Cunha, André Oliveira, Lucas Fretin, Gianni Puzzo
Editing: Rodrigo Pimenta and Kiko Ribeiro
Production: Laboratory of Image and Sound in Anthropology (LISA-USP)
Support: FAPESP
FAPESP Thematic Project "Image in Focus on Social Sciences"

Highlight: Outstanding Award for Portrait of the National Reality at the VII Brazilian Video Festival, Niterói, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, June 2002.
Honorable Mention in the Cinema-Video category of Projeto Nascente 2002, USP