On the Borders

Paula Morgado and João Cláudio de Sena
Year of publication

This video deals with the meanings of displacement, flux, and frotiers as manifested on the second largest expressway of São Paulo, the Marginal Pinheiros, which has become an important financial center since the end of the twentieth century. City dwellers, motorists, sociologists, geographers, architects and business people speak of their experience and viewpoints, revealing how history and contemporary experience are interwoven.

Technical sheet: NTSC, color, 51 min, 2008
Direction, Script and Editing: Paula Morgado and João Cláudio de Sena
Research: Paula Morgado
Photography: João Claudio de Sena
Soundtrack: Silvia Ocougne
Sound Design: Markus Böhm
Production: Laboratory of Image and Sound in Anthropology (LISA-USP)
Thematic project: "Alterities, cultural expressions of the sensitive world and constructions of reality"
Support: FAPESP