Two Silences

Ewelter de Siqueira e Rocha

The set of photographs we presented was produced in 2011, during a field research carried out in Juazeiro do Norte - Ceará, Brazil. Two sets of images are displayed. The first group seeks to raise the ineffable dimension of the relationship between the faithful and the rosary. The essay uses black and white to make the silhouette of objects and people predominate, which confuse their contours in the rawness of the gray scale, repeating within the photographic image the singularities of the devotional confession they announce.
In the second group, the viewer is initially invited to contemplate the domestic altars and the gravity of the human face engendered by the place; however, the viewer is invited to look into people's eyes, a fixed and serious look, which stares at something that we do not see, but that we foresee in the physiognomy that it contemplates. The colors punctuate the nuances of the space and create, in relation to the first group of images, a counterpoint that highlights two subtle forms of intimacy, two silences.