Between cities: ethnographic films in dialogue - Brazil and Colombia

Sunday, 01 August 2021, 00:00
01-08-2021 - 31-08-2021

Film screenings and conversation circles

Celebrating 30 years of creation and 20 years of production by the Laboratory of Image and Sound in Anthropology (LISA) of the Anthropology Department of the University of São Paulo (USP), the exhibition Between cities: ethnographic films in dialogue - Brazil and Colombia proposes a dialogue film between multiple cities in the state of São Paulo, Brazil and the region of Antioquia, Colombia. through the colors, sounds and movements registered by the lenses of anthropologists and anthropologists from the two countries, Brazil and Colombia. Separated into three programs, the 29 works narrate multiple possibilities of (re)existing.

08/06/2021, 5:30 pm - The city and its spaces highlights different places as articulating powers, that affect and mobilize people. -

08/11/2021, 3 pm - Space and its arts includes portraits of diverse artistic expressions and cultural in urban contexts -

08/20/2021, 5:30 pm - The space and its inhabitants addresses the people who, to their In this way, they circulate and appropriate spaces in the registered contexts, seeking different forms of belonging  -

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