The spirits only understand our language

Cileuza Jemjusi, Robert Tamuxi and Valdeilson Jolasi
Year of publication

Only six elders of the Manoki population in the Brazilian Amazon still speak their indigenous language, an imminent risk of losing the means by which they communicate with their spirits. Although this is a difficult topic, young people decide to tell in images and words their version of this long history of relations with non-indigenous people, talking about their pains, challenges, and desires. Despite all the difficulties of the current context, struggle and hope echo in various dimensions of the short film, indicating that “the Manoki language will survive!”

Images and sounds: Alessandro Kezo, Cleison Araxi, Elivelton Kezo, Robert Tamuxi, Ronilso Irawaxi and Valdeilson Jolasi Translations and Legends Typju Myky, Minã Myky and André Lopes

Production and Facilitation of video workshops: André Lopes

Editing: Robert Tamuxi, Cileuza Jemjusi, Valdeilson Jolasi and André Lopes

Post-production: Ricardo Dionisio

Support: Laboratory of Image and Sound in Anthropology – University of São Paulo