Between cities: ethnographic films in dialogue - Brazil and Colombia - Program1

06/08, 5:30 pm

Program 1 - The city and its spaces -

Coordination: Paula Morgado

The city and its spaces highlight different places as articulating powers that affect and mobilize people. 


Andrea Barbosa (UNIFESP)

Andrés García Sanchez (Universidad de Antioquia) 

Discussionist: Heitor Frugoli Jr.(USP)

Programa 1 - A cidade e seus espaços

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Ana Lúcia Ferraz

The history of the movement for housing in Osasco seen through the eyes of the homeless.

arte da capa com um fundo branco e uma homem e uma mulher desenhado em rabiscos pretos, escrito "com la casa al hombro", com a casa nos ombros ​​​​​​​

Camilo Pérez and Andrés García Sanchez

​​​​​​​Many young people of African descent arrive in the city of Medellín fleeing the terror of armed groups or in search of new opportunities in life. They bring their memories of exile and pain, but they also bring hopes, dreams and knowledge. This documentary talks about the experiences of five young people in the city.​​​​​​​


Ana Lúcia Ferraz

This video follows events when 2800 workers were fired from the Ford plant in São Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo).

Andréa Barbosa

The relationship we build with the city is not without images, imagination and affection. Based on this idea, we follow the trajectory of Valmir Santos, an ordinary inhabitant of the city of São Paulo, and the relationships he builds with the city and its other common inhabitants. In this work, we built the São Paulo of Valmir.

Paula Morgado and João Cláudio de Sena

This video deals with the meanings of displacement, flux, and frotiers as manifested on the second largest expressway of São Paulo, the Marginal Pinheiros, which has become an important financial center since the end of the twentieth century. City dwellers, motorists, sociologists, geographers, architects and business people speak of their experience and viewpoints, revealing how history and contemporary experience are interwoven.

Andréa Barbosa and Fernanda Matos

Peppers in the eyes is a film in which photography, memory, experience and music are interwoven to tell a little of the daily life in a “peripheral” district of the metropolitan region of São Paulo, the District of Peppers in Guarulhos.
Wolf, Ohuaz, Thais and Fabio narrate their relationship with the neighborhood, their stories and dreams. Their narratives dialogue with many landscapes that are formed from the photographs that so many residents performed throughout their lives or produced within the photographic workshops Peppers in Eyes is not refreshment held since 2008 by VISURB - Group of Visual and Urban Research of UNIFESP (Universidade Federal de São Paulo).

Rose Satiko Gitirana Hikiji

Young residentes of the periphery of São Paulo presents cinema as a way of expression and reflexion. In the outskirts, they do and shows videos, questioning the media represententation of the periphery and building new images according to their experiences.

Andréa Barbosa

This video shows the experience of living in São Paulo, tracing a path from the stereotypical, distant and impersonal view of the big city, to the personal and affectionate city in each one of us